The Frogpearl Story

Frogpearl was founded in Stockholm, Sweden during 2011. By taking inspiration from nature, and Scandinavian design, Frogpearl launched a range of pearl jewellery which we called “Raw Elegance”. Frogpearl wants to produce and market jewellery in a new way, and our way of doing this is to do so in the most ethical way we can manage. We hope to influence the jewellery industry as a whole to become more ethical and we are going to continue our work of being a fashion activist. During 2016, Frogpearl changed owner and is now run by a Norwegian. Our new CEO, Elisabeth, has a background and education in design from Norway. Our inspiration and essence still lies within the heart of Scandinavia and Scandinavian design.

Your own style - Raw Elegance

A pearl doesn’t have to be manipulated and cut to get the right shape and lustre like other precious and semi-precious stones. The pearl grows naturally and is a jewel from the very beginning. Pearls should be worn with pride. Frogpearl is a company that makes pearl jewellery in an ethical way, using genuine pearls, sterling silver and is nickel free. Our jewellery can be purchased on our website Watch our Frogpearl movie here.

Life of a pearl

Something magical happens when a pearl is being made. A mollusc creates the jewel which takes several years. Not all molluscs create pearls and not all pearls can be used. So every pearl is unique and different. Frogpearl embraces the difference in colours and shapes and we celebrate the uniqueness of each pearl. We have a passion for pearls. We are creating unique pearl jewellery of high quality. The pearls we are using are genuine fresh water pearls and these pearls are graded AA which is the next highest on the pearl grading scale. We are passionate about pearls with unique character of colour and shape. This means your Frogpearl jewellery is unique and embraces your personal style.

Embracing nature in every step - FASHION ACTIVIST

Ethical and environmentally friendly production methods are key elements of our business. We are therefore working actively with our suppliers to ensure that our jewellery maintains these qualities. Frogpearl is working with small family run businesses that we regularly visit to ensure that this is transparent for you as the consumer. The carbon offset and recycled materials of our boxes are just some of the steps we take towards a more sustainable industry. The majority of our supply partners are also managed by women. We would love for others to follow! We can’t imagine doing this any other way. Wear your Frogpearl jewellery with pride!