Change Making Jewellery

We are working towards change in the jewellery industry. Far too much production of jewellery is in an unethical way, where workers’ conditions and environment are not up to standard. We decided the only way to change this is to start producing and sourcing jewellery ourselves to ensure standards are as good as we can possibly manage. All our suppliers are on board with this philosophy and by buying jewellery from Frogpearl you can also make a change in the industry. We call our pearl jewellery “CHANGE MAKING JEWELLERY”.

Since we do have to transport our jewellery we also feel we should offset our carbon footprint. We do that by donating to Carbon Footprint. Our jewellery boxes, business cards etc. are only made from recycled paper. Our pearl jewellery is of high quality and will therefore last longer than cheap jewellery that has the tendency to be thrown away. Take care of your jewellery so it will last longer – Maintenance of Pearls

Production Line – Our Suppliers

Frogpearl is cooperating with four small family run businesses in Asia. We have a close relationship with them and we regularly go and visit the facilities to make sure they follow our high standards. Together we are working on new methods of producing our jewellery and to finding partners and suppliers that think and work in the same way as we do.

Frogpearl Foundation

Good can always be better. We want to do more then just influence our own industry and that’s why we have started Frogpearl Foundation. This is a charity fund from which we give a percentage of our profit to different charities. We have previously worked alongside charities like UNHCR where we designed a special collection together. By buying our product from our special Hope bracelet you are supporting the great work UNHCR is doing.



Our Childhood Collection earrings and cuff links are made of genuine pearls, sterling silver and are nickel free. The white pearl symbolises article 12 in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. “You have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously.” A percentage of our profit from this collection goes to the World Childhood Foundation where they work for children’s rights for a safe and loving upbringing.
Thank you for you support!